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Cremationofcare.com is a non-financial profit website, coming to you from our small research team based in the 'Gateway to the Dales' - Skipton, North Yorkshire, EnglandOur main objective is to document and (hopefully in doing so) expose the ever expanding New World Order.

Our material is not a 'conspiracy theory'.  Our research sections look at the 'Great Work of Ages'  - a.k.a. the 'New World Order' - agenda, the elite society that is carrying it out, their mindset and the provable conspiracy which is in three parts: -

  1. Putting people in positions of power who will advance the New World Order,

  2. Removing (in various different ways) those who will oppose it,

  3. Manipulating world events that will ensure that the agenda is carried out on a grand scale.

We welcome any constructive feedback, newstips, articles and recommendations.  We are also prepared to trade links with other relevant sites - see our 'Links' section for more info.

Granted, cremationofcare.com is not the most informative site on the net, however we hope that you get something positive out of it and come back to visit us on a regular basis, as we make our daily up-dates.

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