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"Please note that any e-mails sent to ourselves which we consider to be overtly harassing, abusive or offensive, will be reported to your e-mail service provider". 

"We have done this before (with success) so please bear this in mind before you risk having your e-mail account suspended".


"We appreciate all of those who have sent us material.  We always offer to give credit to those who send us articles, however we understand the desire to remain anonymous - we will never automatically post a persons full name and certainly not post someone's e-mail address (as this can lead to a bombarded inbox as we very well know about!)."

(Newstips can be sent to us at the usual e-mail address.)


"Non of the material on this website has been uploaded for financial profit, but is merely there for education and research purposes under the 'Fair Use' laws".

(The fair use doctrine is a privilege in others than the owner of the copyright to use the copyrighted material in a reasonable manner without his or her consent.  The reasonableness of a use is determined on a case-by-case basis applying an equitable rule of reason analysis.  There are four factors in determining whether the use was a "fair use": 1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; 2) the nature of the copyrighted work; 3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and 4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.)

"However, if anyone feels that we have breached the copy write laws beyond the restrictions of the aforementioned Fair Use Act, when using their own material (or the material of anyone officially represented by the person(s) making the complaint), please contact us in the first instance and we will be glad to remove the offending items, if we have in fact done so (e-mail link below)".

"Also relevant to potential copyright issues, we do often pilfer banners of websites, however this is always done with the understanding that the original images we take, will be used as a link to the website from which it came".


"In particular respect of the 'Illuminati Symbolism', and all of the related company logos, this information is not intended to implicate or even accuse the companies or their employees, directors or shareholders of being involved in any malevolent practices.  Unfortunately most of these lower echelon people don't know the bigger picture and are just out to make an honest living.  The point being that we must look at the secret societies at the top who own these institutions and industries at the highest levels".


"Please understand that this website is run by human beings.  A species with a capacity to make mistakes".

"We do pride ourselves with the accuracy of the information that we put out, however from time to time we do make minor errors (such as getting someone's forename wrong for example)".  

"It is always appreciated when such errors are pointed out to us, however we do not invite accusations that imply that we intentionally put out such mis-info' (technically called dis-info' if this were the case) and will not entertain such allegations - though we may humour them for a short time!".


"We would firstly like to state that we at cremationofcare.com have no axes to grind, nor should we for any race, religion or nation.  As we are well aware that there have been many attempts to label those who speak out against the 'New World Order' as anti-whatever, it is necessary to point out that the agendas which are being forwarded involve all races, religions and nations and are not exclusively manipulated by, but rather through these, which at their core are only symbols of division".

"Although we may not agree with many if not most concepts of brainwashing and mental / emotional imprisonment which all religions hold as sacred, we do respect a persons right to choose to live however they feel the need to and therefore repudiate any accusations of being a racist, bigot or anti-whatever etc".

"To clarify, here is a quote from a book written in 1971 called 'None Dare Call it Conspiracy'  by Gary Allen, which sums up our feelings on the issue"

"Some conspiratorialists do indeed overdraw the picture by expanding the conspiracy (from the small clique that it is) to include every local knee-jerk liberal activist and government bureaucrat.  Or, because of a racial or religious bigotry, they will take small fragments of legitimate evidence and expand them into a conclusion that will support their particular prejudice, i.e. the conspiracy is totally "Jewish" "Catholic " or "Masonic"."

"These people do not help to expose the conspiracy, but sadly play into the hands of those who want the public to believe that all conspiratorialists are screwballs".


"Please note that this site does not intentionally contain any material that will cause upset, insult or offense to anyone, however we are aware that certain information can be received with negative reactions, therefore we will make every attempt to place warnings if certain reports, video footage or images contain material which may cause distress".


"In particular reference to the 'Recommended Literature' section, we must point out that unless stated otherwise, none of the material, neither written nor recorded is available through cremationofcare.com, nor are any other products and/or services available in exchange for financial payment though this site."

"The only video tapes available on request are copies of Alex Jones's own self made documentaries, as this is permitted for non-financial profit educational purposes only.  Therefore these will always be supplied and delivered at nil cost".


"Despite our attempts to remain sincere and integral, at the end of the day the points of views expressed on cremationofcare.com are merely our own and we reserve the right to express them, always in a non-violent yet pro-active manner."


"We do not like to see such activities, as go on within the 'Patriot movement'.  Websites from all backgrounds - especially with forums - which involve truth movements, reunions, music appreciation, fan-clubs or whatever, always pull in their petty minded groups or individuals with an agenda which involves friction and the expression of it".

"Sometimes this is done out of ego, sometimes some people just have un-stable personalities, a lot of times it is done for controversy and publicity and sometimes it happens born of a tactical 'divide and conquer' agenda on the part of our NWO sympathisers".

"We do not engage ourselves in this, in fact this is the only time that I personally have ever written about this ugliness on the internet.

"There are a small number of websites which seem to have have made this one of their main focuses and agendas, such as wing-tv with their crusade of attacking other public figures (I'll probably get us into trouble for mentioning them now)".

"Furthermore, we do not publicly want to give such figures the free advertisement which they often crave - hence the tactics behind their attacks - and will not comment if asked about such issues any more than we have done here in this part of our disclaimer".


"We do not engage in this either.  We have had the odd individuals cyber-stalk and threaten our small research team in the past with e-mails and phone calls etc and we do not let this intimidate us".

"My advise if you are one of these people - don't waste your time... we are not interested in playing petty games".

"May I also direct you to our warning at the top of this column regarding our policy on receiving threatening correspondence".


"In this subject of New World Order conspiracies and disinformation, unless you have what is widely accepted as a legitimate reason for investigating, (such as career in 'Investigative Journalism' or even 'National Security') you will often be accused of being a fanatic, usually following a personal agenda which my be based on prejudice or bigotry.  We can very well agree with this argument on some level.  Indeed there are people out there who are quite well informed, however their own lifetime experiences, personal dogma and indoctrination may distract them from the core subject matter".

"We always see fanaticism as a state of mind which has set out to achieve something, but along the way has lost sight of the real goal and become obsessed with side issues, stereotypically of distractive prejudices"

"In our case, I feel that this does not tally.  We may not be 'career investigators', or have any popularly 'acceptable' drive to read and write about such subjects.  However, as members of society, tax-payers and a human beings, we feel that we have a part to play and when we see people die on the news and the subsequent manipulation that is targeted at us as 'voters' to react to this in a certain way that will benefit the killers, we feel a need to speak out and educate others"

"If anyone has any further queries, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via the e-mail link below".


"Despite the fact that we have open minds at cremationofcare.com, there are areas of topic that on this website, we will not purposefully endorse nor discredit.  Was Jesus a real person?  Do aliens exist?  Is psychic phenomena legitimate?  We cannot prove answers to any of these either way, therefore to remain integral (initial appearances being essential to waking people up) attempt to stray away from them whenever possible".

"I personally have had reservations when reading the works of researchers such as David Icke, particularly when presented with the 'infamous' reptilian aspect to the subject.  Our own policy on such areas of research on cremationofcare.com, is to not get into things that we cannot prove as it discredits the things that we can prove (at least, to a higher standard) unless we are going to go 'all of the way' (never an easy task!)".

"However we, the research team behind cremationofcare.com is very open minded and have actually spent time interviewing and liaising with individuals who have had experiences which border on being 'paranormal'.  Subjects of non-human entities, phantom aircraft and UFO's are subjects that we do not get into on cremationofcare.com, but are subjects that we have researched and respect".

"First and foremost this website is about the new world order and the secret societies that control it.  We aim to appeal to all racial and religious backgrounds of beliefs which focus on this.  Whether you are an atheist, a Christian, a Jew, a new ager, a Muslim or a UFO/alien sighting investigator, there is middle ground recognition that there is a new world order agenda being carried out that we can ALL stand on despite our minor differences and personal beliefs, even if we feel our beliefs are relative to the background". 

"To lean into any one un-provable belief system cuts out and excludes the others.  This attitude could be construed as discrimination in an educational establishment such as a school and therefore we do not do it!".


"We are not responsible for the material on the websites that we link to, nor do we necessarily endorse 100% of the information found on these".


(Found at the bottom of each page on cremationofcare.com)

"These hyperlinks and banners are given purely out of generosity towards the external websites which we link to.  On very few occasions are we actually asked by representatives of these third party sites to provide such links.  As this website is purely for information, this is our motivation for providing these links and nothing more - to get the information circulated".

"As with our disclaimer for our links page, we are not responsible for the material on the websites that we link to, nor do we necessarily endorse 100% of the information found on these".


(Why name it after a Satanic Bohemian Grove ritual?  Are we Satanists too or something?)

"We recently received a friendly e-mail from a visitor who posed a fair question. Why did we choose 'Cremation of Care' as a name for the website. As they rightly stated: "This name is a ritual at the Bohemian Grove gathering every year which is satanic to the core"."

Our response pretty much summed it up: -

"Simply put I personally chose the name cremationofcare.com as a suitable domain name, because I knew that it was/is a phrase that is already in the consciousness of the anti-nwo movement - as you rightly say, a Bohemian Grove reference - therefore a name that will stick in the long term memory of the visitor - and it appears to have done just that as our popularity grows."

"But I also thought it appropriate as we are seemingly witnessing a cremation of care in the sense that the dumbed down majority seem to be indifferent to a lot of the messages that we put out... the whole "Well I know that 9/11 was probably an inside job... but you've got to have a life mate and ignore it!" argument."

"Whilst the NWO agenda is unfolding, the 'Lambs' that are being 'lead to the slaughter' are only concerned with which Football team had just been defeated, who is being ejected from the 'Big Brother' house and how drunk they are going to get at the weekend."

"Such a mass collective ceremony can only be described as a cremation of care."