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Thursday 28th February 2008: -

GCHQ 'did not tap Diana's phone' - Princess Diana's phone was not bugged and permission was not sought to do so, the ex-head of the UK electronic intelligence agency GCHQ has said. Sir John Adye told her inquest that GCHQ had not been involved in producing the "Squidgygate" and "Camillagate" tapes of conversations between royals. He said that a warrant signed by the foreign secretary would have been required in order to bug royal phones. He also said it was not within the scope of GCHQ to bug the Royal Family.


Tuesday 26th February 2008: -

Monday 25th February 2008: -

Sunday 24th February 2008: -

Police turn up pressure for compulsory DNA database - Senior police officers are increasing pressure for all British citizens to be put on a DNA database. Their call for a national debate on whether everyone should be forced to give DNA samples to the authorities follows last week's convictions of two killers identified using "genetic fingerprints" - and comes as senior Scotland Yard officials have reportedly stated that new DNA evidence "will nail" the racist killers of teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Thursday 21st February 2008: -

Wednesday 20th February 2008: -




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Tuesday 19th February 2008: -

Study Highlights Deep Seated Psychological Impact Of 9/11: Spectacular images of attacks have "changed the way people dream" - A new study has revealed that the spectacular images broadcast around the world on September 11th 2001 have had a profound psychological impact upon people. Researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine and the Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, have found that every single person they assessed during a study has more vivid and intense dreams since the attacks occurred. Dr. Ernest Hartmann, author of the study, told Reuters Health that he believes everyone who witnessed the attacks has experienced some sort of trauma or emotional arousal.

Sunday 17th February 2008: -

Adults on hyperactive drugs hit record level - Thousands of adults are being prescribed drugs designed to treat hyperactive children, new figures show. A record number are taking medicines such as Ritalin - some for up to 20 years - after a childhood diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Experts are warning of a "timebomb", with more than 140,000 prescriptions for such drugs issued to adults last year, despite fears about the long-term effects of medication which has been dubbed a "chemical cosh".

Friday 15th February 2008: -

Tuesday 12th February 2008: -

UK's 'concerns' over 9/11 trials - Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said he has "some concerns" over US military tribunals for six men charged with involvement in the 9/11 attacks. The US government has promised fair trials for the Guantanamo Bay inmates, who could face the death penalty. But human rights groups say the tribunals make this impossible and that the defendants were tortured. Mr Miliband told BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show there was "absolutely no question" that torture was illegal.

When Surveillance Cameras Talk - Big Brother is not only watching you; in Barking and Dagenham, Big Brother wants a word. The disembodied voices of authority offering advice and warnings that now issue as if from thin air in the hardscrabble east London borough are, in fact, talking CCTV cameras — the latest high-tech weapon in the war on littering, graffiti, vandalism and other antisocial behavior. Sixteen of the borough's 84 surveillance cameras have been wired for sound, making London's first video monitoring network with a broadcasting capacity.

Sunday 10th February 2008: -

Bugging could lead to killers being freed - Hundreds of prisoners could successfully appeal against their convictions after claims lawyers were "routinely bugged" during prison visits, it was claimed last night. Pressure was mounting for a wide-ranging inquiry after allegations that police had listened to confidential conversations between hundreds of lawyers and their clients. Bugs were routinely concealed inside visiting room tables.

“Not Another Clinton” Sign Disallowed at Event - It’s not just the neocons at George Bush events that go after Americans who disagree. Same thing happens at “liberal” Clinton events, as the video here demonstrates. Once upon a time, under the now moribund First Amendment, we had the right to disagree, so long as we didn’t hurt anybody or prevent them from doing likewise.

Friday 08th February 2008: -

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-The LC Team

Thursday 07th February 2008: -

Wednesday 06th February 2008: -

Tuesday 05th February 2008: -

£42m pledge for fluoride in water - The Government will put £42 million behind plans to add fluoride to water, Health Secretary Alan Johnson has announced. The cash works out at an extra £14m a year over three years to support authorities wanting to add fluoride to tap water. Mr Johnson is urging strategic health authorities to consult with local people but believes fluoridation is an "effective and relatively easy way" to help poorer children by preventing dental problems in later life.

Sunday 03rd February 2008: -

Was 9/11 Truth Giuliani's Demise?: You'll be AMAZED What Corporate Media Hid from YOU! - Peggy Noonan, a Republican speechwriter (Reagan's among others), was perplexed last night on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as to why Rudy fell.” It was a mystery to her. Probably because she gets all her information from FOX News and the other corporate media. Of course those who' s heads aren' t buried in the corporate idiot box, know that 9/11 truth was Rudy' s demise. First of all, how did Rudy, a Mayor even become a possible GOP nominee. Corporate media and the Bush Administration began a myth about Rudy Giuliani beginning on 9/11/2001?

Friday 01st February 2008: -

Scientist who tested Diana driver’s blood ‘cooked results’ - The French scientist who tested blood samples from the driver who was killed in the car crash that fatally wounded Diana, Princess of Wales, “cooked” his results, the inquest into her death was told yesterday. Atholl Johnston, a professor of pharmacology at Barts and the London, part of the University of London, said that three test results for alcohol on Henri Paul’s blood and bodily fluid were so close together that it would be “incredible” if they were genuine.