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Wednesday 31st May 2006: -

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A book of particular interest to listeners of today's 'Deadline Live' radio show (with host Jack Blood): -

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'Bin Laden' denies Moussaoui role - An audio recording supposedly of Osama Bin Laden denies Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person convicted over the 9/11 attacks, was involved in the operation. The message said to be from the al-Qaeda leader came from a five-minute audio file on an Islamist website. The man said he had personally assigned 19 attackers and "brother Zacarias" was not one of them.   (COMMENTARY: What are the odds that the next Bin Laden tape will have a message accusing the Neo-con shadow government of carrying out the 9/11 attacks (as it indeed did).  Place your bets now... they've pretty much done everything else that they can to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate us away from the truth of 9/11.)

Tuesday 23rd May 2006: -

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Saturday 20th May 2006: -

LUCIFERIAN BAND WINS EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: Finnish monsters rock Eurovision - A Finnish "horror rock" group who dress in monster costumes have pulled off a surprise win at the 51st Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. European viewers voted for Lordi's song Hard Rock Hallelujah in a show that is normally associated with catchy pop and big ballads.   (COMMENTARY: Fair enough, they are 'just showmen' and yes I know, the Eurovision Song Contest really sucks and a lot of the voting is about politics. But did you hear those lyrics, quite mad stuff!... and the song was crap to boot!  At least KISS rock despite their faults - RELATED: See our 'Occult in Your Living Room' section)

Friday 19th May 2006: -

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Release Of Pentagon Images Direct Assault On 9/11 Truth Movement: Politically timed release also coincides with Bush record low approval and surveillance furore - The release of new video images of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon is both a direct assault against a 9/11 truth movement that has flourished in recent months and an attempt to reinforce the attendant propaganda of 9/11 in light of Bush's 29% approval rating. Before the release of the new frames news networks immediately went on the attack, saying that the images finally put to rest "conspiracy theories" and questions about the official story. In addition, Fox News commentators related with pensive looks and pursed lips that this footage answers the furore over secret NSA wiretaps and surveillance by 'reminding Americans why it was being done'.    (COMMENTARY:  We vaguely cover the Pentagon damage contradictions in our popular '9/11 Archive' for precisely the reason that this seems like a 'strawman argument' (i.e. a manufactured argument that can be later disproved in order to create incredibility to the whole subject).  The fact that the mainstream media tend to cover this aspect of the 9/11 cover-up rather than controlled demolition of WTC7 and other, more solid aspects - that they themselves broke, in many cases - is a clear indication that this debate has been set up to be knocked down via the 'strawman'.)

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Wednesday 10th May 2006: -

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WE'RE BACK! - Sorry for the lack of up-dates for these past few days.  Our work towards giving you the latest news shall now resume as normal.

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